• Beattie & Co Chartered Accountants

Business Development

At the macro level, choosing the right legal structure is one of the first steps in business planning. We have helped create many businesses and can advise on the right legal structure for you. In the same way, we can help you to develop robust financial forecasts to ensure that you have adequate financial resources to develop in the way that you intend. In our experience, a company is more likely to fail for lack of cash than for a lack of profit. This is common (business) sense. We have specialised software tools to create fully auditable business forecasts to substantiate your request for bank and other finance.

Established businesses should review their performance from time to time and question the way they do things. We do this with our clients by drawing on our wide knowledge of the business environment. Business reviews regularly lead to new ways of defining, targeting and getting results. Sometimes such reviews will lead to a complete reappraisal of the business and its prospects, and may identify a case for the sale or closure of part or the whole.

And there comes a time when the business is for sale in any case, perhaps on retirement. We can help you prepare the business for sale with a view to maximising the price and minimising the tax payable on the sale.

At the micro level, we can help you with advice on systems, pricing, and cost control. Usually such roles are done in partnership with the company management. Very often, the answer is within. Our role will be to identify and nurture the resources that you already have.