• Beattie & Co Chartered Accountants

IT Systems

You may be interested to know that following a recent network upgrade we have added yet further levels of security and resilience to our IT system.

These latest improvements and innovations include state of the art hardware to protect company data and remove all possible unauthorised external access.

We now utilise a dedicated hardware firewall which not only controls internet connectivity (in and out of the building) but which also includes the latest antivirus software which works in tandem with the firewall to offer maximum protection.

Other security measures include a server controlled password policy for all Beattie & Co employees together with restricted multi-level file access so only those who need it have access to company or client information. All our data is backed up and verified on a daily basis and is held securely in a fireproof environment.

One of our recent innovations is the Beattie & Co Remote Computer Service, which allows us (via the internet) to view accounting applications on your PC from our offices. This secure service has been designed on an ‘invite only’ basis which means you control any access we might have to your PC.

Finally as part of our ongoing IT policy, our support company CST Limited (www.cstlimited.com) undertakes regular and comprehensive security assessments to ensure our network and infrastructure is always up-to-date, secure and protected.

If you would like to know more about our IT policy or the company that supports us please contact us at any time.