• Beattie & Co Chartered Accountants

Tax Management

Tax is a major cost to business that is best avoided. However recent changes to tax law around Europe have reduced the scope for exotic tax planning schemes. In any case, such tax planning could usually only be justified where very substantial sums of money are at stake.

None the less, proper planning of your activities is essential if tax is to be minimised. For example, as a minimum, you should develop systems for making tax returns on time to avoid penalties – we can assist you here. Similarly we can advise on tax efficient share option schemes to reward and retain key employees, and on claims for research and development credits to name but two possibilities.

International business must beware of transfer pricing, and thin capitalisation issues.

All businesses should keep up to date on contract, subcontractor and employee law where it interacts with tax. We constantly look out for changes in these areas and alert our clients by email.

Finally, the management of Value Added Tax is increasingly complicated and mistakes can be costly. We can advise and assist you to make sure that you charge the correct amount of VAT and complete returns on time.