• Beattie & Co Chartered Accountants

Thoughts On…

Quality of life and our values

First of all, we believe in the importance to the individual of doing interesting and creative work whenever possible, to grow in knowledge and experience, to take responsibility and to be properly paid.

Secondly, we recognise the importance of service, to our clients, to each other and to the wider community in which we live and work.

Finally, we all need harmony in our lives. This comes from a sense of purpose and satisfaction in things achieved and from a balance in the home/work relationship. We want this for ourselves and for others.

Quality management & customer complaints

To ensure the quality of our services, all our work is supervised and reviewed by a qualified member of the team. In addition we arrange for individual cases to be reviewed at our expense by outside specialists. Despite this should you ever have cause to be dissatisfied with what we do for you, please raise the matter without delay with Mike Beattie who will do all that he can to resolve matters for you. As a last resort and with your permission the matter can be referred to the Institute of Chartered Accountants for resolution.